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We have expertise in attracting skilled talent from all over
the world including Ukraine, South Africa, Latvia, Estonia,
Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Phillippines, India, Poland, Mauritius,
Croatia, Australia, Czech Republic, and other countries.
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Cradle Partners Consulting (CPC)

We help match workers from various countries with opportunities across Canada. Our team of international recruitment specialists have expertise in attracting skilled labour from countries such as Jamaica, Ghana, Barbados, Cameroon, Nigeria, Philippines, Guyana, Benin Republic, Senegal, Togo etc.


Worker Recruitment

We attract and hire the best! Our strong network across the world allows us to find candidates that match your requirements. From resumes to interviews, we handle it all for you.


Online Reputation

Our focus is on matching employers and applicants to achieve a win-win situation, where the needs of both parties are being met. We achieve this by setting high standards for both our clients (employers) and our applicants.


Guarantee Policy

Once we have established a working relationship, we guarantee you the worker, in case things don’t work out with an employee; we have a flexible replacement and refund policy for the first 30 to 60 days free of charge.

Welcome To Cradle Partners Consulting (CPC)

Cradle Partners Consulting (CPC) is an Atlantic based temporary and permanent worker recruitment company. We help match workers from various countries with opportunities across Canada.

We serve clients across all parts of Canada and recruit workers ranging from professionals and highly skilled (including Managerial and Director level) to skilled labour workers.

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What We Do

Our Employer services include

If you are an immigrant looking for a job or want to come to Canada with a job already waiting, CPC is the choice for you!

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Our seasoned team of settlement experts has the first-hand experience of challenges faced by workers in a new country.

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In line with Government of Canada Immigration regulation, companies require a positive LMIA issued by the Government to

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